Coming Off Of Hold

Do you have those moments where it seems you have to put parts of life on hold?  And then months later you suddenly realize that the hold period went way too long.  It might be that you put a project down or you haven't been in contact with someone important. We all have those moments.  My website has been on hold for about seven months.  I haven't completely forgotten about it but I have been finishing up several other projects.  I finished some certifications and licensing for my business.  I have been reconnecting with my youngest son and moved my oldest son out of my home as he enters adulthood. But now is the time to take the website off of hold.  I am ready to work with those of you who are searching for ways to either find your Continue Reading

A Look In The Mirror


I know it has been awhile since I posted anything.  A lot has been going on in my life and in my mind.  While I don't mind being completely honest and transparent about my past there is so much more to me than where I have been.  I really wanted to think about the direction I wanted to take my website for awhile. Emotions can run our lives.  I don't think I have always fully grasped that. Almost anyone can admit that when you wake up in a bad mood if you continue with that train of thought you will wind up having a bad day.  But have you considered how holding onto something from your past changes every day that it comes in touch with. Working on some training in the area of emotional release I have really started to see how our Continue Reading

Celebrations Beyond Pain


Celebrations beyond pain can seem like a rare thing when the pain is fresh.  When we get beyond pain our perspective changes and this is part of my story. Today my middle son turns 16.  He is determined to pass his driving test when I take him out of school early. We joke about his difficult birth while the story about why the difficultly was even present is not painful anymore but still obvious. At the tender age of twelve I was raped.  My cervix was left torn and would not heal correctly.  In the future years it would leave me with much heartache and a constant reminder of a selfish man. After three miscarriages due to a cervix that couldn't bear the weight of a small fetus I would come across a wonderfully kind doctor who Continue Reading